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Packing Service

From furniture pads to shrink wrap, from mattress bags to dish packing boxes, we have the supplies needed for virtually any move imaginable. We will bring all necessary supplies for your move with us, and those supplies will be included on our free in-home estimates. "Do-it-yourselfers" out there can also buy these supplies directly from us. Items available include, but are not limited to, the following:
Small, Medium, and Large Boxes
Wardrobe Boxes
Packing Tape
Art Boxes
Paper Pads
Shrink Wrap
Bubble Wrap
Lamp Boxes
Mattress Bags
Dish Boxes
Wrapping Paper
And Much, Much More!

Ask for FREE ON-SITE ESTIMATE with packing supplies delivery. We do not require minimums and we will deliver to your home.
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Packing Services

Kitchen Packing Service

Packing and moving a kitchen is not easy. Since there are so many small and large items in the kitchen like pans, pots, cutlery, utensils, dishes, appliances, and chairs, packing a kitchen takes a lot of time and effort. Here are some valuable tips for packing and moving a kitchen that would make the whole task lot easier for you. Before you start packing, get yourself the right packing tools and supplies. Get small and medium sized boxes, bubble wrap, dark colored markers, packing tape, and marking labels. When finish packing write HANDLE WITH CARE or FRAGILE on top and sides of the moving boxes to help the person who is moving the boxes know that has to be extra careful in moving these boxes

Packing to Storage

We recommend paper pads with plastic wrap for moving to storage needs. Paper blankets are constructed of two outer layers of brown kraft paper and three inner layers of light weight paper. The three inner layers can consist of newsprint, light weight kraft, tissue, toweling bogus, tissue or non woven papers. Paper moving and packing Blankets come in standard widths of 42", 48", 54" and 60" and can be cut to almost any length. The sides of paper packing blankets have a folded edge which creates a more durable blanket and reduces the chance of paper cuts.

Piano Packing

The most important part of piano moving is packing the piano. This means wrapping the piano in a series of blankets so that the surface of the piano isn't scuffed or gouged (refinishing a piano can be very expensive). Making sure the piano is moved in a way that avoids damaging bumps and scrapes is a piano mover's second most important task. Any professional piano mover worth their salt will have special tools for the job: like a piano dolly (a heavy duty 4-wheeled dolly with uni-directional wheels that can support a piano's weight) and a piano board (a long board that the piano is strapped to for the purpose of moving the piano).

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