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Understanding Valuation and Insurance Options

There's a lot at stake when you move. There's the money you'll spend, the memories you're taking from one place to another, and your treasured possessions-furniture, family pictures and children's toys. When you move, your personal property (including valuables) is loaded onto a moving truck. And while most moves go smoothly, small accidents do happen with anyone out there, although, we try to protect your belongings as much as possible, some items may be lost or damaged while in trasit. Soho Moving , as most companies, provides basic level of liability insurance for your belongings that takes affect from the time your items are first handled by our movers, until your items reach your final destination.
Basic level of liability insurance for cargo is offered for FREE. Your cargo is protected against loss or damage at $.60 cents per pound per each item. For example, if your 20-pound mirror is damaged, we're required to reimburse in the amount of $6.00 (.60cents x 10 pounds=$6.00)? Soho Moving highly recommends additional insurance known as Third-party Insurance.
In some cases, you can use your own Home Owner's policy for additional coverage.
If you purchase this coverage, the mover remains liable for the amount as stated above, which is up to $. 60 cents per pound per article; but the rest of the loss is recoverable from the insurance company up to the amount of insurance you purchased.
Claims If any items are lost or damaged during your move, both New Jersey and Federal law require moving companies to have claims procedures in place. These claims procedures are intended to help resolve disputes quickly, in as little as 60 days. Keep in mind that you must pay the bill IN FULL, regardless of damage to your items. Otherwise, your claim may be invaild. Property damage and shipping contracts are two separate issues. If you have not paid the bill in full, you will not be able to file a claim for loss or damage or get reimbursed.

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